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We want to make a real difference in the businesses we serve and build long-term value within those organizations.

Guy Addison, Co-founder and Managing Director




Corporate Finance Advisory

The design, management, implementation, and capital structuring of corporate transactions and projects. M&A deals, project financing, tax advice and investment structures fall in this category.

Governance Solutions

The assessment and analysis of company structure and existing governance mechanisms. Work that falls in this service can include business restructuring, dispute mediation and project management.

Transaction Design

Experience-driven support during the process of merging, buying, or selling a business. 

Transaction design can include tax planning, contract management, independent reviews, and business valuations.

Remuneration Solutions

One of our most exciting areas of service pertains to the design of fair and responsible remuneration for management teams and executives.

Employee share ownership schemes, long term incentives, short term incentives and reward analysis fall within this service area.

Business Valuation

Full analysis of a business and a valuation report to be used in transactions. proposals and strategy decisions.

What Our Clients Say:

Guy and his team are always thorough, insightful and take a much-needed holistic view. Often, with so many ways to structure and approach our challenges, they always inspire confidence in that they've truly considered all the angles, pros and cons, for the best possible way forward - not just financially, but ethically and cleanly.

Alan Haefele

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Trust and Integrity

One of the most important values at Addison Comline is ethical and responsible conduct. These values are expressed both in our recommendations and in our dealings with stakeholders during the consulting process. We aim to build long-term relationships that are built on trust and integrity in order to create real value for the firms that we serve.

Years of Experience

Guy Addison's international exposure has resulted in him assisting various sized businesses from start-up ventures like Netstar to multinational corporations such as KPMG, EY, Altron and Dubai World.


Over the past two decades, Guy has developed global strategies, built and managed teams and delivered upon complex projects spanning multiple jurisdictions. With extensive experience in executing corporate transactions, Guy has been brought in to assist both businesses that are incredibly successful and businesses in crisis, providing a holistic, experience-driven perspective that is rare in today's business environment.

Tailored Engagement

Since 2009, our firm has been recognized for our value-orientated solutions that bring clarity, insight and direction for clients wherever they are in their business and investment journey. A key part of this value creation is in the personalized and tailored service we're able to offer clients. Unlike the larger, household names in our industry we view our clients as people first and numbers second, placing great emphasis on providing the right solution for your business at the right time.



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