We have extensive experience in the finance, legal and the governance domain giving us the ability to solve out of the ordinary business challenges and opportunities in a co-ordinated and elegant manner. In developing profitable, optimised and enduring enterprises we assist clients in realising the potential of their business and personal investments. 

What sets us apart

Realise Value

We realise value for our clients and their stakeholders


Our relationship with clients is built on trust 

Mitigate Risk

We provide high-impact solutions that solve real challenges. 

Long Term

We are privileged to help our clients build optimised and enduring businesses. 


Trusted for our guidance and expertise, our integrity and values guide with whom we work and how we conduct ourselves. 

Value adding

We are privileged to do work that makes a difference. 

Our promise

Our promises set us apart from our competition. These are the reasons our clients choose to work with us, and often continue to do so for many years.


We promise to remain flexible on pricing and endeavor to deliver value as measured on your Return on Investment expectations.

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We have the ability to build scalable solutions for you and your business. Talk to us and we will present a scalable solution built for your unique needs.

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Addison Comline provides an end-to-end service from project concept, design, implementation and delivery for the full solution. 

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With deep experience in our chosen areas of practice, we have developed unique processes and procedures to solve important business challenges with our clients to enhance the value of their enterprises and investments.

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