Growth By Acquisition

Updated: Mar 22

Acquisition of a foreign based company

The Brief:

Our client, a large consumer and industrial technology company headquartered in South Africa, approached us to assist with the acquisition of a company based in Sydney, Australia. In addition to advising the company on the purchase, we were asked to use the purchase as an opportunity to implement new structures within the company to facilitate an employee share ownership program in the future.


The Project (12 Months):

After a detailed scoping and analysis phase, we identified several areas within the business that needed to be addressed prior to the purchase of the Australian company. Part of our scoping process included a business valuation and future growth forecast as per the client's request.

While the client addressed the internal processes highlighted in our scoping report, we assisted where needed and advised in the ongoing negotiations between the South African and Australian firms. The negotiations were detailed and comprehensive, covering matters from human resource management to the transaction's tax implications, and we were able to provide our client with the necessary research and advice to maintain a position of strength throughout the negotiations.

Once the deal was finalised, we assisted with the implementation of changes required by the purchase agreement as well as the integration of the Australian business into the South African operations.

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