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Updated: Mar 22

Raising capital to successfully scale a business

The Brief

We were contacted by a firm in the manufacturing and design industry looking for strategic advice on how to successfully scale their business within South Africa. The firm was family financed and required advice on the nuances of growing a family business in South Africa, and an independent and objective professional to serve as a go-between for all the parties involved in the restructuring process.


The Project (12 Months)

With our expertise in family businesses, we very quickly identified several common problems typical of this type of firm.

Once we discussed our initial findings with the management team, we launched into a full scoping and analysis phase. This analysis highlighted key growth opportunities within the firm, which served as the backbone of our strategic recommendation. Part of this growth strategy involved raising funds for new initiatives, which the client asked for a further recommendation on (asking questions such as "how to find investment partners" and "how to structure the business' growth to be attractive to third parties").

After a lengthy period of internal discussion and planning, the firm decided to go ahead with the growth initiatives highlighted in our report. We were asked to assist further with the project financing requirements of these initiatives, which involved creating very detailed "pitch" documents to share with possible investors as well as negotiating with third parties such as business incubators and accelerators.

We built a great working relationship with the management team of the business and were overjoyed to see them reach the growth goals we helped them set over the next few years.


“We highly recommend Addison Comline to business owners that are looking for strategic advice regarding a transaction or corporate restructuring process. Our business reached cash breakeven in month 36 – a phenomenal achievement! We also moved into new premises and significantly scaled our enterprise to cope with additional demand. Strategic partnerships were entered that helped us reach scale faster than we would have on our own. We had a great seasoned business advisor working with us to understand the complexity of transactions and how the world of corporate finance works.”
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