Capital Raise

Updated: Mar 22

Raise capital to facilitate growth

The Brief:

A well-known entrepreneur wanted to raise capital for a technology business to facilitate the next phase of growth to achieve a market leadership position in a highly competitive industry.


The Project:

We started out by providing our client with an overview of the various options available to him to raise the capital needed for his business. To assist in the decision-making process, we were asked to conduct a complete business valuation and assessment, which resulted in the client being able to address some early issues in the business before committing to a final capital raising strategy.

Once the decision was made to proceed with a particular strategy, we prepared the business for the process by converting it to an appropriate legal structure, collecting or drafting any documents necessary, and engaging with potential funding partners (which included both local and international VC funds).

After guiding our client through the negotiation process, we concluded the funding agreement and adjusted all company documents and structures in accordance with the funding partner's specific requirements.

The capital raise was concluded successfully and issues identified were adequately addressed in both the pre-negotiation phase and in the relevant transaction agreements. In addition, a post-transaction integration strategy was put together to guide both current and future management.


“A big thank you for your resilience and efforts in successfully guiding our negotiations through a difficult business environment. You have added real value to our business, demonstrating business acumen on development financial matters. Many thanks and best of luck.”
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