Employee Share Ownership Plan

Updated: Mar 22

Incentives for employees to grow business

The Brief:

An established business owner wanted to develop a sound employee share ownership plan that successfully combined equity ownership with incentives to grow the business and create wealth for employees.


The Project:

The first step was a thorough business assessment and project scoping process to understand the needs and challenges facing our client. Once this was complete, we provided the client with the results of our assessment and experience-driven advice on the various different ways the business could structure their reward mechanisms for their staff.

Closely communicating with the management team, we developed a tailored share option program to meet the needs of the involved stakeholders and address some business-specific concerns. Once all parties had agreed to the program, we implemented the legal framework necessary to facilitate the plan and drafted the required agreements, capitalisation tables and explanatory documents required.

We also implemented the solution with the client, conducted a business valuation and liaised between employees, shareholders, and involved professionals to keep everyone on the same page. The program was successfully launched and succeeded in aligning the interests of the shareholders, management team, and general staff members.


“We normally throw people into the deep end, but we took it to a whole new level this time. Thank you for working your b#tt off for the past six months to help our business. I appreciate it very much! Addison Comline have brought a wealth of commercial experience to our business.”
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