How We Work

With deep experience in our chosen areas of practice, we have developed unique processes and procedures to solve important business challenges with our clients to enhance the value of their enterprises and investments.

We combine innovation with extensive experience in our chosen fields of expertise. With decades of legal, financial, investment and organisational expertise we tailor each solution for our clients. We use technical best-practice integrated with years of actual on-the-ground experience ensuring that our clients remain ahead of changing trends, able to adapt and thrive in uncertain times.
Our solutions bring a professional approach with an appreciation for the business-person in challenging times. Whilst all businesses require sophisticated tools and techniques to grow their value, our approach also understands the unique business and people involved. 

Our long-term relationship centered mindset coupled with our independence allows us to engage with clients effectively. We focus in adding value to our clients lives and the organisations that they are part of.

How We Charge

Each engagement is purpose built, as no two clients are the same. This includes structuring the work around our clients’ unique requirements, budget and specific circumstances. We do not mandate certain equity contributions, contract structures or minimum fees. We believe in long-term, value aligned investment of resources and expertise alongside our ‘clients-partners’. 

Our Rates

Our hourly rates start at R750 per session (half an hour).

Drivers of value

Project Complexity

Sophisticated solutions and organisations require extensive investment

Time Horizon

Transactions take time. Some clients like to bring us on board long term while some only require us for a single transaction.

Skills Required

We work with a network of skilled professionals to bring you a tailor-made solution.

Step 1 

We undertake a deep analysis of your situation to understand you, your business and your objectives.

Step 2

We provide a detailed project plan with team involved, timing and expected investment describing your alternatives available.

Step 3

Based on your preferences we undertake the work required to realise value for you and your organisation.